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What to begin with to become the IT specialist if you are far from IT

In article we will tell what steps to take what to begin with and how to construct the training to become the IT specialist if you are far from IT.

Decide on your specialization
First of all, you need to decide why you go to IT. Do you like making sites, creating operating system programs, thinking about design, or testing? This solution will be a starting point in the learning process.

Depending on your choice, you will be able to define a training program for yourself, prepare a plan and select the first sources: books, sites or online courses.

Learn English
If your language knowledge is lacking in free reading, you should start with it. English will be needed not only for communications, you will have to read and search a lot on the Internet in English. It can be both technical documentation or a response to StackOverflow, as well as just an interesting topic article on Medium.

Learn to Google
It is the second most important skill, after knowing a foreign language that is vital in learning. It is important to learn how to properly generate queries and filter out unnecessary information on the issue page.

Master basic concepts
For a start learn, than the bit differs from byte, study basic terms and concepts of information science, learn about conditions, cycles and interruptions. As the processor why the Web server is necessary works and that for ascii – all this needs to be known to begin to go deep into that area which is interesting to you.

Data structures and algorithms
Data structures and algorithms – fundamental to development and IT of a concept. You will not be told about them properly on applied courses on programming therefore study these things independently.

For a start deal with terms a stack, a tree, queue, a hash. For understanding of algorithms it is optional to bury in the graph theory, but at least to understand quicksort – should be your purpose.

It will be useful to study the concept of object-oriented programming irrespective of the fact which you selected language and as you are going to apply it. OOP – one of the most popular styles of development therefore to you it is necessary not only to know definitions of the main concepts (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism) but also to understand how they work, to be able to implement them in the code of the program.

If you surely seized syntax of the programming language interesting you, it is worth learning as it works with different types of databases, and also to learn about types of a DB and their distinctions.

Even if your language usually does not interact with the database directly (for example, JavaScript), you need to know what occurs in this development area: you will better understand how the program in general works.

As to become the IT specialist?
It is possible to be retrained and replace a profession always and at any age. It is only important to remember that it is very long and difficult process. And the later you will undertake it, the it will be more difficult to you.

To become the IT specialist, it is necessary to configure itself on long process of studying of elements and continuous self-training during all career. Stock up with patience, between the beginning of training and the first work there can pass many months and even years.

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