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the reasons to throw Mac OS and to select Linux

Do you select between Mac OS and Linux? Glance under кат: we in detail painted – to continue to use Linux or to switch to Mac OS.
Both Linux, and Mac OS are Unix-like OS and provide access to the Unix commands and also to covers of bash and we designate. In comparison with Windows, both OS have less appendices and games. On it similarities come to an end.

Graphic designers and video editors idolize Mac OS while Linux is a favourite of programmers, system administrators and devops-. In what differences?

Let’s say you use the PC only for surfing in network, viewing of movies, loading of photos, text typing, creation of plates and other similar things. And in addition to it you want that the system was safe.

It is possible to spend couple of hundreds of dollars for the system including all aforesaid or to spend in 4-5 for MacBook times more. Solve to you.


Linux can install on the computer with any config. Irrespective of how powerful/old “stuffing”, Linux will work. Even if you have a 8-year laptop, you can set in it the correct Linux distribution kit and expect that it will smoothly work.

But with apple all is a little differently. It is impossible just to assemble the computer and to deliver on it to Mac OS. It is almost impossible. All devices of Apple are delivered only with the operating system made in Apple.

Of course, there are ways of the Mac OS installation on the devices other than Apple, but the wide experience for this purpose will be required, and the heap of reefs will force to think whether it is worth it.


In a case with Windows it is possible to tell precisely is the center of malicious applications and threats.

Many praise Mac OS for the fact that it is the safest platform. Somewhat it so if to compare to Windows, but not in comparison with Linux.

The number of malicious applications and advertizing targeting grows in Mac OS every day. A large number of users complain of the slow Mac because of cracking of the browser.

Does not exist for 100% of safe OS, and Linux is not an exception. In the world of Linux there are also vulnerabilities, but they are properly corrected by timely updates.

Fortunately, automatically started viruses or malicious applications for the browser in the world of Linux are not revealed yet. And it is one more reason why you should use Linux instead of Mac.

For example, you do not like a working environment of Gnome on Ubuntu. Change it, let us assume, for KDE Plasma. It is possible to use the Gnome expansions for improvement of a desktop. Such level of freedom and setup for Mac OS is absent at all.

Besides, you will be able even to change the source code of a kernel (a little knowledge and skill of search in Google will be required) to add/delete something or to create own assembly. How do you think whether you will make it on Mac OS?

As for a sekyyurnost, by default Linux does not provide any administrative or rutovy access that will not give to the viruyena or a malware to damage system files (except for the general these users). In Windows and Mac OS from start it is given “rues” together with a huge hole in safety.

Buns in IT career
This moment is applicable to students and applicants in the field of IT. Use of Linux will not make you superintellectual, but will help to catch work of a dream.

When you begin to use Linux and “pick” it, do not even notice how you get experience which is got by beginners in the IT companies. You plunge into the terminal, perfecting the way of movement on FS, installing applications through the command line, etc.

Besides, Linux snatched a huge piece in labor market. There is a great lot of the technologies connected with Linux: admin, clouds, virtualization, etc. You can study, receive certificates and expect highly paid work. Apple OS from such point of view can even be not considered.

The platform for programming

Mac OS is a great choice for work with a sound, video, graphic design or web development. But if you are a programmer, then the Linux system will become the best choice. There are thousands of code editors, text editors, IDE and programming languages created for Linux.

Installation and updating
Apple is the only supplier of updates for the iron, and the Mac OS system has the own system integrated app store that simplifies receiving necessary updates. Users of Mac hardly need any technical knowledge for updating of a system and the software.

With Linux all on the contrary. It is known as more complex system for technically grounded people. But now times changed. There are a lot of distribution kits, available in the market (Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Mint, Elementary OS, PepperMint) which reserved the right to be called simple Linux, almost like Windows. Such distra elementary are established, in them the description of each step of installation is sewed, and they have the good integrated system of repositories for updating of applications.

As well as Windows, Mac OS is a preferable system for development of the last and trend games. Almost all games are developed under Windows and Mac OS in parallel. Until recently Linux had bad reputation in this sector. But now it gained steam in development of games and hardware support for ensuring high performance.

Besides, Linux supports the Steam platform. It is possible to play also through Play on Linux or Wine.

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