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Fascination vs work: programmers don ‘t have to code at home

In some corporations, programmers spend their spare time writing code and constantly training. And that ‘s wrong.

You should have the repository on GitHub or make a contribution to existing, should know a set of programming languages even if they are not in your summary, to spend free time on viewing of lectures, blogs and discussions.

But the competence is not measured in amount of the spent time. It is measured in how you spend it. The companies quite often press on developers to force to work their mad number of hours. Such pressure is inefficient and useless. It conducts to long-term expenses and burning out.

Hard work and personality
Does someone do something faster than you do? That doesn ‘t mean you ‘re slow.

No, it ‘s not bad to be a workaholic. Integrity, as a feature of character, reaches a high level for a small number of the population. It is characterized by a desire to perform well and a serious attitude towards commitments to others. The workmen do work hard and constantly.

Yeah, they work day and night, sit behind the code all day and then at home. Against their background, a strange precedent is set: they unwittingly discredit less active, and unwarranted leadership may demand the same from others.

Some managers and companies think of the difficulty of writing code as much as the complexity of any other job. They do not understand how much mental activity is required for this. But real labor is rare.

It ‘s OK if you don ‘t work or learn as quickly as others. There will always be someone better than us in something, and that doesn ‘t undo the benefits you can bring.

It ‘s okay if you didn ‘t aim to be a better programmer. Languages and frameworks are only tools. To achieve the goal, it is not necessary to work perfectly: it is enough to do what you know, good. We can stay satisfied without knowing everything.

Waiting for enthusiasm

If you do the same thing every day, you will deprive yourself of joy.

Some employers equate time with hobbies. And the fact that you don ‘t write the code at home demonstrates a lack of enthusiasm.

In fact, balanced life, timely breaks and switching to other activities affect productivity and passion. People who feel their worth and respect at work will work better. Their creativity and their own powers come into play because they can express themselves.

People who take breaks are getting more attention. And a man who can be productive for a long time will be a big asset for the company, as he will not burn out and will remain motivated. The same is recommended by MIT.

The pressure placed on an overtime programmer in practice falls victim to a long-term result short-term benefit. This is an unreasonable and unsustainable move. Stress is added to the developer ‘s work, from which more bugs appear, interest in what he does falls, passion and motivation decrease.

Programmers may require months to master subject matter knowledge. Any programmers are huge investments and a big asset. Simply “throwing them away” for some short-sighted purpose to reassure investors is laughable and expensive. Include here the cost of everything they throw away by leaving.

For people to be passionate, you need to let them do what makes them so. There ‘s no trick here. Some people need more time and it ‘s worth respecting.

Time to study new

How studying new at work? Any employer who thinks that it is possible to learn something at home and as a result to know everything, just does not understand how programmers study.

“If you know JavaScript, then know also Python – it is almost same”.

No, not same. If you specified any skill in the summary, then it is quite expected that you should know it. But to wait from you for knowledge in all fields of programming – in databases, servers, devops, architecture, in 10 languages and so on – it is nonprofessional.

If you want that programmers had a skill – train them at work as other employers do. There is an impression as if this rule belongs not to all companies.

Other solution is in encouraging programmers to study or do own projects on Fridays or similar days. It will well affect productivity and training.

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