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Superstructure PLEX v2018.4 For Microsoft Excel 2007-2016

Year/Issue date: 2018
Version of the program: 2018.4

Digit capacity: 32bit
Interface language: English Russian
Treatment: Is present
System requirements:
picWindows XP
picWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
■ the Superstructure is completely efficient in the Russian or English Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 in normal Microsoft Office or Office365 on a subscription.
■ the Superstructure will not work (in whole or in part): in old versions of Office 97-2003, in Office for Mac, Google Docs, OpenOffice, LibreOffice.
Once to me bothered to fight a forehead about a wall…

The more you work in Excel, the more often it appear in a situation when suddenly you find out that in such, seemingly, powerful superprogram there are stupidly not enough some functions. And such which upon are necessary to every second user:

▪ as to me to compare two lists (thousands till five lines everyone) and to display differences?
▪ how to display in a cell the sum in cursive script for the consignment note or the account? and in English?
▪ I need to collect data from 20-50-… files in one book – it is possible somehow quickly and not manually to make it?
▪ and to carry them then back according to files or sheets from one table?
▪ I mark cells in different flowers – and how to me to sort them by color or to sum up only red?
▪… etc. and t.p…. continue?

The answer to all these questions – IN ANY WAY. Is not present in Excel of such tools. As though for birthday in the childhood presented you a puzzle where several pieces are not enough and you suffer, trying to put from them the picture. At first I tried to look for alternate paths, to implement missing functions by formulas (very difficult sometimes). And then all this bothered me and I made PLEX.

From this Excel is able to do nothing!
PLEX is the superstructure for Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 (a set of macroes) supplementing and expanding possibilities of standard Excel.
Set PLEX – and you receive at yourself a new tab with new powerful tools and more than 60 ready formulas and new user functions in special Library of Formulas by means of which at last you will be able quickly and easily:
■ to Display the sum in cursive script in Russian and English
■ to Compare among themselves two lists and to look for distinctions and coincidence
■ to Sum up cells with a certain color of a font or filling
■ to Copy, move or delete lines in the list by the set criterion
■ to Collect data from different sheets on one
■ to Carry data from one leaf on several
■ to Save sheets of the book in separate files
■ to Convert formulas into values one click
■ Quickly to enter difficult formulas through Library of Formulas
■ to Insert into a cell a rate of any currency for any date, etc.

In total more than 150 functions! Complete list here
Unlike normal macroes, for the majority of commands and actions of a superstructure of PLEX canceling of the last action (Undo) is possible.
Save the time and forces – let everything will make Excel for you. Deserve jaundiced eyes of the colleagues – you will have the secret of effective work!

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