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Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel

Year/Issue date: 2018
Version: 1.6.455.0
Developer: © 2015-2018 Power-user SAS – Paris (FRANCE)
Website of the developer:

Digit capacity: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: is present
System requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Description: Power-user provides you a big template library, icons, graphics, maps and charts for PowerPoint and Excel. With Power-user you will draw attention of your audience with tremendous graphics which will surely impress.

The edited cards
Ours 115 the edited cards are powerful tools for an illustration of the ideas with geographical measurement. It is easy to understand and remember cards, and will help you to illustrate better your point of view, thereby increasing your ability to convince the audience.

Power-user provides a collection from 2000 icons for an illustration of slides. Icons are vector figures so you can change their size without deformation and recolour them as you will wish. By means of Power-user you can look for icons on categories and with the different key word connected with the same icon that you could find the correct icon in only 2 seconds.

Template library of slides
Do not invent the bicycle for each slide. Insert a slide template from a superstructure of Power-user and just adapt it according to your requirements. Templates include standard types of slides, strategy, charts, etc. and adapts to a color gamma of your company. You can also save your own slides in a template library to hold their available at any time.

Charts Waterfall
Charts are very popular in finance and consulting. They perfectly are suitable for splitting data into several components, illustrating, for example, that positively or negatively influences KPI.

Diagrams of MEKKO
Create Mekko’s charts in the table Excel by means of Power-user. Mekko – one of the most powerful types of diagrams. It can represent 3 measurements of data and is popular in consulting to show market positions of the different companies, for example.

Sometimes the good picture tells more than one thousand words. Power-user includes a collection from 90 photos to illustrate concepts or to cause a discussion, without worrying about intellectual property rights.

Generator of charts
Build in the configured charts in a flash by means of the generator of charts Power-user. Charts help to illustrate the difficult ideas and allow to create eloquent slides or panels of monitoring for very short time. Charts include chains of added value, sensors, traffic lights, the relations, pyramids, arrows and many other things.

Chart of Gantt
Use the charts of Gantt to illustrate various stages of the project and their progress. Creation of it manually can take several hours, but by means of a superstructure they can be created for only several seconds. It is the excellent tool for improvement of design of a slide for very short time.

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