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Excel Quick Tips

Year of release: 15/03/2017 | It is updated 24/09/2018
Producer: LinkedIn Learning
Website of the producer: Excel Quick Tips
Автор: Nick Brazzi / Garrick Chow / Jess Stratton
Duration: 0:26:53 AM
Type of the distributed material: Video lesson
Language: English
Описание: The most common questions about using Excel now have timely video answers. This set of quick tips provides helpful, condensed steps you can readily apply to keep on task—whether you’re running calculations, setting up a new workbook, fixing a sheet you received, or getting tables ready for presentation. Each video is about one minute long, so you can jump in and get some helpful insights in no time.

The most widespread questions in use of Excel have timely video answers now. This set of fast councils contains useful materials which you can easily apply to performance of a task – irrespective of whether you carry out calculations, create the new book, fix the received leaf or prepare tables for the presentation. Each video lasts about a minute therefore you can quickly watch it and obtain useful information.

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